Welcome to the Stanford Triathlon Blog!

February 9, 2007

Welcome to the Stanford Triathlon team 2007 season blog! The goal of this blog is to create a record of this year’s team activities including training, racing, and socializing. Feel free to post as much (or as little) as you would like to. Some potential ideas include:

– How you’re feeling in general.
– Something you’re happy or upset about.
– Something you’re excited about.
– How a practice went.
– How a race went.
– Your goals.
– Questions you have about triathlon.
– Just about anything related to the team and triathlons.

Every post is completely anonymous since the author will be labeled as “StanfordTri.” So, feel free to write what’s on your mind. No entries will be edited though anything offensive will not be published in the blog by the blog administrators.

With your help and contributions, we hope to have a season of memories that we can look back upon at the end of the year (more on that later). Thanks for your contributions!


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